David M. Fantarella, D.M.D.

I have been using hard and soft tissue lasers since 2008 and Solea is by far the best all tissue laser that I’ve ever used. With Solea, we finally have a hard tissue laser that approaches the speed of the drill. There is no comparison between Solea’s CO2 laser and erbium lasers. Solea is many times faster than my erbium laser. Often times, my preparations with Solea are completely drill-free, resulting in an entirely different experience for my patients. Because of Solea’s power and ability to cut any tissue from any angle, I am able to perform procedures that I would have never attempted with an erbium laser. This has truly changed my practice for the better. Almost from the day I started using it, Solea became an indispensable tool in my armamentarium. | General, Laser, and Implant Dentist – North Haven, CT