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How to Share Your Solea Success Stories

Solea Stories

Unlike any other piece of dental technology, Solea is something patients want to talk and tweet about. Since the launch, we’ve seen videos and photos from patients across the country, commenting on Solea’s impact on their dental experience. The best part is that people are often sharing on their own accord. Other times, dentists are asking patients to reflect on their experience. In both cases, practices are able to capture genuine, relatable reactions to Solea’s stress-free dentistry.


When One Solea Isn’t Enough: Dr. Fantarella’s unprecedented practice growth


Dr. David Fantarella had been using an erbium laser for five years when Solea hit the market. Unlike the erbium laser, Solea allowed him to perform a greater breadth of procedures at a faster rate and drastically improved his patient’s experience in the chair. Today, at his office in New Haven, Connecticut, he uses Solea on virtually every patient, every day.

Successful Frenectomies Utilizing Solea Improve Pediatric Dentistry

Kotlow CDAt Dr. Lawrence Kotlow’s Albany, New York dental practice, families are traveling from near and far for treatment for their children.


To witness Solea’s unrivaled ability to improve the patient experience, visit Dr. Lawrence Kotlow’s practice in Albany, New York, where families from near and far are traveling to his office for a new kind of frenectomy procedure. Traditionally, frenectomies are an invasive operation that requires anesthesia and pose a serious challenge for parents who fear a painful experience for their kids. Utilizing Solea’s technology, Dr. Kotlow pioneered a new process to treat infant and toddler patients quickly and comfortably.

Kotlow CD

Solea is changing the pediatric dental experience

How Solea is Changing the Pediatric Dental Experience

Solea is changing the pediatric dental experience

The data tells us that it doesn’t matter how old you are: going to the dentist can be anxiety-inducing. With Solea, it doesn’t have to be. Solea’s speed and precision not only saves time, they also allow dentists to complete procedures without the drill’s unpleasant side effects and discomfort. Solea, quite simply, has fundamentally changed the patient experience.

Solea Transforms How Patients Experience the Dentist

Mark Solea Blog Post

Whenever most people think of the dentist, they feel uneasy. They remember the noise of the drill and its uncomfortable vibrations. Thanks to Solea, the first FDA approved CO2 laser, those memories are becoming a thing of the past. Solea eliminates the dread that prevents nearly one third of Americans from visiting the dentist every year.

Mark Solea Blog Post

Dr. Ron Plotka and Convergent Dental's Solea Laser

Dr. Ron Plotka on Solea as a Practice Builder

Dr. Ron Plotka and Convergent Dental's Solea Laser

Dr. Ron Plotka has practiced general dentistry for 45 years. Two years ago he started using Solea and it has completely transformed his practice. Unlike other dental lasers, Solea is the only CO2 9.3 micron dental laser cleared by the FDA for work on both hard and soft tissue. In fact, Dr. Plotka uses it on just about all of his patients. By helping dentists simplify their workflow, Solea provides a dentist with dramatically-improved efficiencies.

Watch: Anxiety-Free Dentistry Starts With Solea

Solea Patient Testimonial_Siobhan

Needles. Drills. Pain.

These three things contribute to the fear that as many as one in five Americans suffer when considering going to the dentist. The good news is Solea, the dental industry’s leading dental laser, has all but eliminated all three from hard and soft tissue procedures. For patients with extreme anxiety, prioritizing their oral health has suddenly become more manageable.

Solea Patient Testimonial_Siobhan

Convergent Dental Solea

Dental Lasers Not For Your Practice? It’s Time For A Second Look

Convergent Dental Solea


In an economic climate like ours, it’s right to be cautious when it comes to capital investments in your business. But when it comes to Solea, the ROI is proven and the risks are minimized. The first FDA-approved CO2 Hard and soft tissue laser of its kind, Solea is quickly becoming an industry favorite for its ability to drastically increase everyday efficiency.

A New Way Forward: Solea makes anesthesia a thing of the past

Solea’s innovative technology lets dentists operate in an entirely new way. By eliminating the needle, drill, and noise from routine procedures, the Solea patient experience has evolved to be dread-free. Solea dentists report that they are performing 95% of hard and soft tissue procedures completely anesthesia-free, a claim never before made.

Anesthesia and blood-free dentistry enables a major leap in efficiency for practitioners who are now able to deliver multi-quadrant dentistry in the one appointment, fill cavities the same day as a hygiene visit and easily perform soft tissue procedures that they might have referred out prior. Dentists benefit from increased productivity and patients benefit from pain-free dentistry delivered in a fraction of the time.

Dr. Mark Mizner Using Solea

Dental Lasers: It’s All About Patient Experience

Dr. Mark Mizner Using Solea

Written by Dr. Mark Mizner, DMD

It’s as simple as this: excellent patient experiences foster long-lasting, profitable patient relationships. For years now, lasers, specifically hard tissue lasers, have been touted as a tool which can dramatically change the patient experience by taking the noise, vibration and needle out of the equation. Over the past 20 years, I demoed all of them and never saw the point. They were slow, imprecise and you still had to numb the patient. Then I saw Solea, the new 9.3 micron CO2 laser that just hit the market. I knew it was different. I bought it and now with hundreds of anesthesia-free procedures and hours of time saved, I can say that Solea absolutely delivers on what we have all been hoping for… a new pain-free, fear-free patient experience.

The Future of Dread Free Dentistry Starts With Solea

In the United States today, statistics about dental health don’t paint a pretty or healthy picture.

As much as one in five Americans suffer some level of dental fear .

For 20% , that fear is acute, and ultimately prevents 5-8% of Americans from going to the dentist at all. (For some global context, 25% of Brits suffer anxiety prior to appointments.) As a result, the US is facing a health epidemic. It only takes a couple clicks to see its breadth. The National Institute of Health has written about it. As has USA Today and The Huffington Post.

Texas Dental Meeting

Our team was in San Antonio to introduce Solea at the 2014 Texas Meeting, the 144th Annual Session of the Texas Dental Association.

In addition to meeting with professionals and students, we also had the pleasure of participating in the hands-on CE course, “Lasers in Dentistry, Come and See the Light.” It was taught by Donald Coluzzi, DDS, a leading expert in the field of laser dentistry and an associate professor at the UCSF School of Dentistry. During this course, dentists learned about all types of lasers and were able to experience Solea “hands on”.

Dr. Fantarella teaches a dentist how to get optimal results using Solea.

Dr. Fantarella teaches a dentist how to get optimal results using Solea.

An intrigued dentist watches as Dr. David Fantarella cuts an extracted tooth with Solea.


Wrapping-Up Yankee Dental Congress

Almost non-stop in over 100 demonstrations during Yankee Dental Congress, Solea impressed those who sat down for a hands-on session. On Friday, Tony Edwards, editor-in-chief of Dr. Bicuspid, met with Convergent Dental CEO Mike Cataldo.  Afterwards, Mr. Edwards joined Solea-user, Dr. Larry Kotlow, at one of our demo stations to try it himself.  Tony was so fascinated with Solea we thought he might take one home!

Tony Edwards, editor-in-chief of Dr. Bicuspid, gives Solea a try 


Convergent Dental in the New Year

2014 promises to be an exciting and busy year as we introduce more dental professionals to Solea. Convergent Dental and Solea will be at seven trade shows in February and March alone, from Boston to Chicago to Scottsdale.

This week, the Convergent Dental team will be at Yankee Dental Congress in Boston, Mass., at booth #124. We urge you to visit our booth to try out this groundbreaking new wavelength.  Once dentists get their hands on Solea, they’ll have a hard time going back to an erbium laser or the dreaded drill.


Solea’s Debut at Greater New York Dental Meeting 2013

Last week, our team arrived in New York City to introduce Solea at the 2013 Greater New York Dental Meeting (GNYDM), which drew nearly 55,000 dental professionals, from dentists to hygienists. The show was attended by professionals from all over the world, seeking to learn about new products in the field, especially new dental technology.

We set out to start a conversation with dentists about how Solea’s new, unique CO2 wavelength of 9.3 μm is totally changing the patient experience and the practice of dentistry.  Dentists, support staff, and even other vendors were excited to try Solea at our booth, and they validated the positive feedback that we have been receiving consistently from Solea dentists in the field.  At the show, Solea surpassed the expectations of those who visited our booth, demonstrating speed, precision and control that visitors had not experienced with any other dental laser.

Solea Demo

Convergent Dental Team

Convergent Blog Image

Solea, Rewriting the Patient Experience

Convergent Blog Image

According to the Dental Fears Research Clinic at the University of Washington Seattle, up to 20% of Americans fear the dentist enough to avoid receiving dental care until absolutely necessary. The sound of the drill alone is enough to cause “dental dread” in patients. So what do you do to help lower their anxiety? You get rid of the drill. You get Solea: the first CO2 laser cleared by the FDA for hard and soft tissue ablation.

Using the latest advances in laser technology, Solea nearly eliminates the drill from a vast majority of procedures. Solea is fast and precise, offering the dentist and their patients a virtually silent and anesthesia-free experience. Dread-free dentistry is finally in sight.